Jesus, عليه السلام Muslim Prophet of the crossroads

We continue the Mercury Rx series, this time exploring Jesus عليه السلام or نبي عيسى إبن مريم-  – Prophet Isa, son of Mary رضي الله عنه, who in the Islamic tradition is the Prophet of Mercury, residing in the 6th Heaven. This differs from the Western Mystery Tradition which places him at the central station of the sun.

There are so many fascinating connections that tie Jesus AS to the sphere of Mercury (which rules all things communication, travel, scribal, knowledge. We’ll dive into a couple in this Planetary Prophet series:

The Traveler Between Worlds

In Islam, it is believed that the Prophet Jesus has yet to die a mortal death. According to the Quran, it is widely believed that another man miraculously had his face changed to look like Jesus and was crucified in his place (a tad trickstery). While Jesus was raised to the Heavens, where he resides until his appointed time to return in the end of days (#apocalypse #MessiahvstheAntichrist).

Mercurial spirits, intelligences and even gods of different pantheons associated with this sphere are known to be swift-footed, fickle (trickster a.k.a things aren’t always as they seem) and associated with travel. Jesus is seen as one who has the ability to travel both the vertical planes between heavens as well as horizontal planes as a traveler far and wide–both when he was on earth and definitely when he returns (🙌🏾 airplanes…of the future). Many of the early Sufis turned to the example of Jesus in their ascetic wanderings as seekers of Truth and spreading of the Word during their times. 

Crossroads are both the intersection of worlds (horizontal and physical planes) and a place where throughout time, travelers meet, information is shared and where commerce, trade and communication have been built around. All areas related to Mercury. And also areas that Jesus is well-documented to have been involved in (money-changer tables, ministry).