what is Mercury Retrograde?

For those who prefer words + graphics, all of the same information below is in this recorded IG highlight from the recent Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius.

In short, each planetary sphere in our cosmos, connects with something on the physical plane. 

Mercury is the planet that rules over all things communication, information, travel, tech, intellect.

Mercury is the fastest moving planet in our sky.

Roughly 3 times a year for 3 weeks (thrice great?) Mercury goes retrograde.

Which means it appears to be moving backward from our viewpoint on earth 

 Kind of like an optical illusion. It ends up going over the same area in the sky 3 times, highlighting particular themes in each of our individual realities. It’s pretty neat how this theme is generally a certain property (i.e. it’s moving through Aquarius this time around) but that will fall in a different house of your chart for everybody.

When planets go through a retrograde period it’s when the planet’s effects go inward instead of outward. that they rule over go for a spin inwardly, with the effects going internally – which yes can be noticeably disruptive for something like Mercury. Our modern world runs on a whole lot of mercury.

As I’m sure you’ve heard the buzz before, it’s notoriously a time when all things communication, meetings, travel, plans, technology have a tendency of going haywire. 

It’ll be a little different every time, for everyone depending on your chart and what’s happening in the sky during that period. Take things a little slower, be mindful. If you pay attention, you’ll notice some of the themes and area in your life playing out. It’s really not recommended to make major decisions, contracts, or trips during this period. Of course within measure but just be aware you probably do not have all the data to make fully informed decisions on anything in those Mercurial areas during this time.